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Photos Of Some Of Our IVF Babies

These babies were conceived through Grabbo IVF promo, more will be dropped as the bundles of joy come..

Have a blessed Mothers’ day

After 14yrs of waiting patiently and never loosing hope in the mercy of Almighty God…..#Help me thank God and Dr.Kate Onoja (Grabbo Diagnostic Center,Gwarinpa-Abuja) God has bless us with Triplets (2 boys n 1 girl).

Both mother and babies are doing well.

You can participate in our on going promo, we are always ready to help couples


Hurry now.

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  • Damiloju Ojo

    hello Grabbo,please what is your success rate with ivf and multiple gestation and gender selection?

    also do you do email consultation?

    • Grabbo

      61%, we do not do pre genetic diagnostics , we have high rate of multiple gestation and also email support send us a mail here

  • Rachael,

    Well I pray I ll be able to get 850 before then, that’s why am requiring for NGOs subsidies

  • Rachael

    How do we make payments. How does one get a twin , identical one for that mater?

  • Item Grace

    Good morning Sir please can I still pay by September endding as d promo extended

  • Grace

    Pls do you do gender selection? I have three girls. I need a boy.

    • Grabbo

      currently we do not do gender selection

  • Damsel

    Pls notify me of next year’s promo. Tnks

    • Grabbo

      You can get the promo details now as it is still on.. check it out here

  • Ayesha

    Please can ivf be done without the presence of my husband but his sperm brought when needed?

    • Grabbo

      Your husband must be around because there are test your husband must do during the course of the treatment

  • Ayesha

    Thanks for your reply ma, please ma kindly advise me, should I follow d sign of ovulation bleeding to get pregnant or follow d date ovulation calculator predicts ma

    • Grabbo

      you can use the ovulation calculator

  • Eze Nkechinyere Loveth

    Good day, pls I’ve 4 girls already. Can I get twin boys through IVF or do u offer PGS as they call it? I need ur help and advice pls.

    • Grabbo

      We don’t do sex selection

  • Lilian

    Good evening ma.pls how much does your iui cost?

    • Grabbo


  • Suchet

    I have seen Gods work in your life, I am next in Jesus name

  • Ugochi

    Please I need the iui, but I stay in umuahia

    • Grabbo

      You will need to be in Abuja from day 2 of your menses and you will have to stay for 8days

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