Mr and Mrs J A has reported to Grabbo Fertility Clinic with a 7years history of child expectation.Thanks to Grabbo obstetricians, and the maternal/foetal experts in the Birthplace at Grabbo Fertility Clinic, this South west mom gave birth to triplets so big and healthy, they went right into the hospital’s well-baby nursery!
Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were surprised to learn they were having triplet .
“During the ultrasound, Mr Ike got this look on his face, and he turned the monitor so he could see better,” Mrs Johnson remembers. “I said, ‘There are two of them, right?'”
But Mr Ikechukwu said to Kemi’s husband, Mr Johnson , “Why don’t you go get Dr. Onoja.

I see three babies!”
To save stress on the babies, Dr. Onoja, Amara, and Zikora delivered Mrs. Johnson three sons by caesarean section. Jake and Luke weighed 2.3 kg and Peter weighed 2.5kg. — big for triplets. In fact, the boys were so healthy that they didn’t go to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit after all. Instead, for the first time in some years, a set of triplets went straight to Grabbo Fertility Hospital’s regular nursery.
“It was tremendously exciting to be there at the birth of triplets who were so close to full term, and to care for them in the well-baby nursery,” says the Grabbo’s paediatrician, Dr Fumilayo. “I consider it a triumph of high-risk obstetrics.”
Ironically, with the boys doing so well. Responding swiftly, her doctors started her on medication to bring her blood pressure down.
Four days after the birth, all four healthy, happy Mr and Mrs A Johnson made the very crowded car trip home to Kubwa.
A few days later they bought a mini-van.Congratulations once more Grabbo Fertility Clinic for putting smile to the couple.


  • Anonymous, December 15, 2020 @ 2:06 pm Reply

    good day how is the ivf process

    • Grabbo, December 16, 2020 @ 10:39 am Reply

      You will come for testing, there after treatment finally procedures.

      This will take you an approximately 3weeks in duration and it involves 2 visit for you and 1 visit for your Hubby.

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