2, 3rd Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja

Grabbo’s End Of Year And Festive Promo

Making couples happy and strengthening marriages is our target as always..

Who doesn’t want a blessed festive period?? Not us..

That’s why we are here with our low cost IVF treatment here in Nigeria.

Another opportunity for couples with fertility challenge to smile again.

Making couples happy and strengthening marriages is our target.

Hurry now.



It’s real, it’s happening, it’s started, Barrenness is over, joy has come for couples.

No hidden charges.

Try Grabbo Fertility Clinic

The world class IVF Centre in Abuja.

No 2,3rd avenue,Gwarimpa,Abuja..

Hurry now.

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  • Otunuya A.

    whats the package this time?

    • Grabbo

      same as last one, just extended for those who couldn’t meet up

  • So

    What was d success rate in d last promo u had? Is any one expecting @ d moment cos i haven’t seen any comment dat say so.

    • Grabbo

      we will put the success rate at 60, we have alot of expecting mothers, who should put to birth early next year or middle of the year.. that’s all we can give out.. stay blessed

  • Damsel

    Had ectopic pregnancy 3yrs ago later diagnosed with tubal blockage. I’m currently 39yrs is ivf possible with my own eggs?

    • Grabbo


  • eze rita

    Pls I want to do iui. How much is the cost at your clinic? And too what are the steps.

    • Grabbo

      iui is 250k

  • hagurl

    How much is donor egg?

    • Grabbo


  • wisdom

    how many eggs can be transferred/implanted?

    • Grabbo

      up to 4 eggs

  • Nkiruka Cosmas

    How much is the cost of IVF, and do you have a branch in port harcourt

    • Grabbo

      the cost of IVF with our promo is 600K.. we currently don’t have a clinic in Port harcourt.. you will have to visit our clinic

  • alacrity

    Good day Grabbo, is there additional cost in ivf, if I want twins. Regards.

    • Grabbo

      no extra charges

  • alacrity

    Does this promo covers ivf, drugs and tests. Regards

  • Shun diggs

    Do you work on Sunday. I am on day one of my cycle I want to do ivf when is the best time in my cycle to come and start the process for ivf. Do I need to come with my husband on day 1.

    • Grabbo

      yes, we work everyday

  • Gloria Ndubuezeh

    I did Dand C 2007, I started experiencing delay period and finally stopped in 2009, since then I have been going from one hospital to d other, now I m broke and need help, but with this promo, pls when I get the #600k, pls can I come for d ivf? I have done 3minor surgeries for additions already. I need a baby seriously in my marriage

    • Grabbo

      we are sorry for the delayed response , pls give our chief a call 08036227663

  • Miracle2018

    We live abroad.I am seeing this and never heard of your facility but went through the Q&A sessions.will the promo be extended?if not, can the promo payment be made now as we intend coming in March ending.

    • Grabbo

      medical policies do not allow much publicity but a tour at our clinic and a talk with our CMD is always available.. we are not extending the promo but payment can be made now and the patient can undergo the procedure in March during our next promo.. Stay blessed


    Please I would like to know when the promo ends. And please do you perform PGD (Gender selection). Please include both IVF and PGD prices. Thank you,

    • Grabbo

      we currently don’t do PGD.. you can come to the Clinic for the IVF

  • mama G

    Pls I have PID, PCOS my left tube is blocked can I do ivf and I want quadruplet is it possible and is there any additional charge

    • Grabbo

      IVF is possible.. No extra charge

  • Joy

    Pls when will be your next promo and what is your current price for both a single cycle and multiple cycles?

    Pls you can send your reply to my e-mail;

    Hoping to hear from you ASAP because I need to do an IVF soonest. Thanks.

    • Grabbo

      600k and 1m respectively

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