2, 3rd Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja

Grabbo 2019 Mega Promo Is Here

It’s been a while coming..

Our low cost and effective IVF (What is IVF?) is back 😁

Be a part of this great opportunity as aim to reach our goal to help the Nigeria population achieve their desire of child birth through low cost IVF

You can call us on;



Address: Grabbo Fertility clinic C83 Bclose 5212 road off 1st Avenue Gwarinpa opposite FCMB, Abuja

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  • iya

    These numbers you have posted do not provide any help regarding what you do.. they cant offer adequate information whatsoever..very bad for buissiness.

    • Grabbo

      We are sorry about that, you can also reach us on 08036227663

  • Jo

    Can some who did in 2017 come for half price

    • Grabbo

      No. Full payment

  • Sarah

    Can get an IVF for the cost 400,000

    • Grabbo


  • Billy o

    How long after fibroid surgery can I have Ivf. Is accommodation part of the 1m.

    • Grabbo

      After 3months. Accommodation is extra money. And it depends on the room type

  • awele

    I m 25yrs and willing to cycle with you guys, how long do my husband have to stay with me cos he cant quit his job. How much is accomodation?

    • Grabbo

      First visit is one day. Last visit you be will be in Abuja for 3weeks. Your husband be needed one day. Accommodation ranges between 10k and 20k. Per night

  • Abdulwahab Taiwo Ajoke

    I have fillopian tubes blockage when can I come for an ivf and how much is the cause?what is the success rate because am 34?

    • Grabbo

      As soon as possible. 600k. 60 to 70%

  • Charcha

    Hello good day, please is the 600k for 1 cycle the total cost for everything or there is still another hidden charges that you guys are not saying

    • Grabbo

      The 600k is an all inclusive package

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