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Grabbo 2019 Mega Promo Is Here

It’s been a while coming..

Our low cost and effective IVF (What is IVF?) is back 😁

Be a part of this great opportunity as aim to reach our goal to help the Nigeria population achieve their desire of child birth through low cost IVF

You can call us on;



Address: Grabbo Fertility clinic C83 Bclose 5212 road off 1st Avenue Gwarinpa opposite FCMB, Abuja

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  • iya

    These numbers you have posted do not provide any help regarding what you do.. they cant offer adequate information whatsoever..very bad for buissiness.

    • Grabbo

      We are sorry about that, you can also reach us on 08036227663

    • BB

      Exactly my experience. The lady was sounding as if I was disturbing her or she had no info at all regarding what the hospital is doing. I had to set her straight by telling her she should be warm when receiving people, and be knowledgeable enough to give information regarding what they do, we are potential customers for Gods sake. Not impressed at all.

      • Grabbo

        We apologize about that. So sorry for that. Please call 08036227663 by 10pm. Once again we are deeply sorry

  • Jo

    Can some who did in 2017 come for half price

    • Grabbo

      No. Full payment

    • Pamela

      08108512309 pls call me

      • Grabbo

        please give us a call 0902 155 5759 or 0803 622 7663

  • Sarah

    Can get an IVF for the cost 400,000

    • Grabbo


  • Billy o

    How long after fibroid surgery can I have Ivf. Is accommodation part of the 1m.

    • Grabbo

      After 3months. Accommodation is extra money. And it depends on the room type

  • awele

    I m 25yrs and willing to cycle with you guys, how long do my husband have to stay with me cos he cant quit his job. How much is accomodation?

    • Grabbo

      First visit is one day. Last visit you be will be in Abuja for 3weeks. Your husband be needed one day. Accommodation ranges between 10k and 20k. Per night

  • Abdulwahab Taiwo Ajoke

    I have fillopian tubes blockage when can I come for an ivf and how much is the cause?what is the success rate because am 34?

    • Grabbo

      As soon as possible. 600k. 60 to 70%

  • Charcha

    Hello good day, please is the 600k for 1 cycle the total cost for everything or there is still another hidden charges that you guys are not saying

    • Grabbo

      The 600k is an all inclusive package

  • Rita

    Hello, what is the success rate cos I am 37 yrs, and what other charges apart from the 600k. Really want to know how much to prepare for when coming.

    • Grabbo

      There are no hidden charges however kindly note that you are solely responsible for your hormonal support after embryo transfer.

  • Bola

    Can someone also pay 600k for twins or triplet or only one? Please I need to know

    • Grabbo

      The amount paid doesn’t matter, it covers all of the above.

  • Bola

    Is the 600k for twins or only one?

    • Grabbo

      That is for 1 cycle and the number of children depends on the number of embryo that implants.

  • Ame

    When are you going to start sex selection?. I am interested in that area.

    • Grabbo

      From January 2020 you can call to find out

  • Seun

    We are having issues of secondary infertility. My wife period stop since 2014. Do we still need to do ivf?

    • Grabbo


  • john

    What is the security situation in Abuja, also i stay outside the country precisely i stay in Gambia. I had learnt your clinic is not professional a enough due to crowd control. How am i sure their will be of quality service as par egg collection. Also if after the 3 cycles and no success is their a chance that a consolidation IVF would be done ?

    • Grabbo

      Hi John,
      we have a world class facility and professionals at Grabbo fertility Clinic,Our patient are well cared for and attended to as at when due.Kindly note that Abuja is safe and we are located at the city center. You can come in at anytime.

      Thank you.

  • Omo

    Is the 600k down payment or instalments

  • Bunmi

    Plz can I do I’d I am 46yrs

    • Grabbo

      Yes but with donor egg

    • Grabbo

      07030703976 Please call by 9pm so we talk

  • Alex

    Hi I am based in the U.K , if the cycles fail, I mean all 3 . Is their a possiblty that their could be a 4th cycle free.

    • Grabbo

      Yes, there is Please contact us via mail or call 07030703976 by 9pm

  • Nneoma

    What does 3 cycles of ivf mean??? Is it repeated procedure after failure of first one or putting more than one embryo???

    • Grabbo

      It is a repeated procedure after a failed can contact us for further explanation 08080679501

      • Tinu

        I am 28 years, a sickle cell patient and I have had miscarriage and have not conceived after that. Just want to know if I qualify to do IVF and what is likely to be the success rate considering my age. Tinu.

        • Grabbo

          Yes you can. You have good success

  • Francis

    Please what’s your success rate?

    • Grabbo


  • Muyiwa

    Hello, if i pay within the promo period and could not make it, will it cover for next year

    • Grabbo

      yes it is possible

  • Mary

    When is the first visit scheduled during period or after???

    • Grabbo

      Day2 or 3

  • Yetunde

    Your attitude to your patients is bad. I have a friend that had failed ivf in your clinic. She said their set was about 10 and only one person got pregnant.

    • Grabbo

      That is hater speech. Check our record independently. Today alone 5 people did test and 4 of them were positive. Can you beat this?

  • Adenike

    I am based outside of Nigeria, I have blocked tubes and fibroids and only one ovary can be seen and the second can’t be seen on ultrasound. What are my chances and can I do IVF? I am 31 years old

    • Grabbo

      Your chances are good

  • Oware Thompson

    I live outside Abuja, how long will it take to get one cycle because of my job

    • Grabbo

      But first visit is one day
      Last visit is 3weeks

  • Marister

    Apart from Abuja. Do you have branch in other state??

    • Grabbo

      No, we currently dont

  • Adetola Rachael fehintola

    I have a sister who has been looking forward to be pregnant for yrs and she is 37yrs and she lives in Lagos pls how much will it cost her and how many days she will stay because of her job and is it only her or with the husband thank you

  • Adetola Rachael fehintola

    How many days will she stayed in Abuja bcs she lives in Lagos .how much will it cost her and is it only her or with the husband thank you

    • Grabbo

      3weeks after an initial one day visit

  • tare

    hi i m 43, can my eggs be used for ivf?

    • Grabbo

      No because it might be of a low quality which will not result to pregnancy.

  • tolulope

    can someone pay the money now and come later for the ivf around february pls

  • Me

    Can I pay the 600k for one cycle, if it is a success. Fine, if not I pay addition 400k for the remaining 2 cycles.

    • Grabbo

      It is done this way:
      1. If you are paying for 1 cycle it’s 600k and if it is 3 cycles you pay 1 million once.
      2.All payments are made before start of procedures

  • Patience

    Do you people also do screening for genotype before implant in case of parent of sickle cell trait?.

  • MARY

    if i pay 1m for 3cycles and 1st cycle is successful, do we get a refund

    • Grabbo

      no, the fee is non-refundable

  • irene

    HI, can 48yrs come for ivf

    • Grabbo

      yes but you will need donor egg

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