Let’s Know Short Story About Grabbo Fertility Clinic & Diagnostic Centre.

Grabbo Fertility Clinic® is a world-class fertility center in Gwarimpa Abuja. With more than 10 years of collective reproductive clinic experience diagnosing and treating infertility, GFC is a leading provider of IVF and fertility care in the Nigeria.

Grabbo Fertility Clinic & Diagnostics Centre

Grabbo Fertility Clinic reiterates the pledge to help all and give hope to those who have lost hope. Grabbo Fertility Clinic is ready and able to care for your little ones. With staff members who are certified in pediatric life support, we’re experienced in treating children from infancy through young adulthood.

  • Patients First
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Keep Everyone Safe
  • Successful IVF
  • Work Together

The Grabbo Fertility Clinic Gwarinpa is an extraordinary achievement in clinical fertility care.
The brand-new, three-story reproductive center is 13,700 square feet and will offer our patients the latest fertility technology and patient comfort. With a larger, more advanced clinic, GFC will be able to help even more people with infertility or reproductive difficulties who dream of starting a family.

Statement of Values

GFC key values are created by Grabbo Fertility Clinic employees to establish a shared understanding of how we relate to our patients and to the community.

Together, these seven values form the basis of our what we do,who we are strategic goals and guide our actions under our code of ethical conduct: –

 v Patient Commitment.

     To provide one on one specialized care

 v Respect

    To treat all with respect and dignity

 v  Integrity

    To adhere to the highest standards.

      v  Passion for excellence

     To deliver best outcomes.

 v  High performance team

     To provide the best care and treatment

 v   Quality

    To provide safe and quality health care services

  •      Compassion

To act with sensitivity and empathy

Overview Of Grabbo

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We’re Setting the New Standards in Health Sector

Modern Technology

World class, state of the art facilities

Certified Doctors

Best the of the best when it comes to medical personnels

Success Of Treatment

We always deliver